Our Team

Edwin Gaitan


Edwin Gaitan is the President of Florida Roofing Solutions, a company founded in 1997.  Edwin’s background in accounting and business administration helps him handle all aspects of the business from estimating to contract review to project management. As a  leader of Florida Roofing Solutions, his  focus is on quality and safety. This philosophy has helped guide Florida Roofing into specialized trades geared towards meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers and contractors.

Julio Marroqiun


Julio Marroquin is the Qualifier of Florida Roofing Solutions, he has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.  Julio’s worked his way from the bottom as an errand runner to the head qualifier and is well versed in all aspects of the Roofing trade from estimating to project management and everything in between.  As one of the leaders of Florida Roofing Solutions, his focus is on his customer’s satisfaction and his employees safety. As part of the FRS Team Julio has seen the company grow from focusing on small repairs and occasional residential roof replacements to  large scale government projects including Police Stations, Fire Stations, Airport Terminals and Prison system projects all requiring the utmost care and sensitivity and attention to quality and performance that defines Florida Roofing Solutions.

Nidya Alvarado

Office Manager

Nidya Alvarado is the Office Manager for Florida Roofing Solutions. Nidya has over 20 years of experience in accounting and 10 years of managing an office. Her duties include, but are not limited to, accounts payables, accounts receivables and payroll. She graduated from Barry University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education but decided to continue working in accounting, which has further expanded her knowledge in that area.

Roberto Sanchez

Assistant Project Manager

Roberto Sanchez is the Assistant Project Manager for Florida Roofing Solutions.  He is the newest member of the FRS team.  Roberto handles the small repair division by maintaining constant communication with property managers and coordination service calls as necessary.  He also oversees that safety procedures are carried throughout the working environment and that correct working procedure are implemented.   Roberto has also managed large projects in the field.

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